Our Products

Yamethin Grape Wine
( ရမည်းသင်း စပျစ်ဝိုင် )

Chin Hill Apple Wine
( ချင်းတောင် ပန်းသီးဝိုင် )

Putao Grapefruit Wine
( ပူတာအို ဂရိတ်ဖရုဝိုင် )

About Us

The company was established on 1st January, 2019.It is a cohesive business between Daw Tin Mar Swe and Daw San San Oo, who are the founders of the company.

The company offers people a chance to get the taste of true organic homemade wine, which will surely give a healthy life style.

Our Services

Delivery Service is available for all regions of Myanmar, but the delivery fees will be applied depending on the region. Delivery within Yangon is free.